Bad hair days. We’ve all been there, and sometimes it feels like it is just something you have to stick with until the next day. Thankfully, this is not the case and there actually is a way for you to fix even the worst bad hair day, no matter what the problem is. With these little tricks by hair care specialists at Yun Nam Hair Care, you can correct even the most serious situation.


Too Much Product

Avoid using too many products because it make your hair sticky and heavy.


Problem: Too Much Product

So you’ve tried to fix a problem and, by doing so, you just kept applying more and more product, and now the situation is far worse. All of that product has made your hair sticky and heavy. There are a few ways to fix this. If the problem is too much hair spray, mist your hair with water and then blow dry the hair. This dilutes the product and allows you to restyle it.


Several Days since Last Washing and Roots are Greasy



Problem: Several Days since Last Washing and Roots are Greasy

So, it is first important to point out that you should not actually wash your hair every day. While showing every day is important, your hair needs the natural oil it produces in order to stay healthy. In order to fix this problem there are hair powders you can use that absorb the oil. There are texturizing sprays which absorb the grease and live your hair feeling great.


Problem: Windy Outside and No Hair Tie

So, you’ve probably just given up and accepted the fact your hair is going to be destroyed. Don’t. To get around this problem you just need to braid your hair and use a brush to tease the ends. This is going to help hold the hair in place and make sure you don’t just have a crazy wind blown look all the time.


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Problem: The Wilted Curls

So your curls are limp and lifeless, so what in the world are you to do about the problem? You just need to add a styling texture spray and mist it in. This is going to instantly give you more volume and help reactivate those beautiful curls. All of this is going to really help you out in the long run, so always keep a bottle of this around.


Static hair

Apply moisture and a lightweight oil spray to prevent static hair.


Problem: Static

So you have static hair and it’s looking more like a fro by the minute. Add a dab of moisture and a lightweight oil spray to give just that bit of moisture required to avoid the static problem.