A career in the pharmaceutical industry is not just rewarding, the benefits are truly astounding. However the medical education that is offered is just as exciting. Russia offers superb dentistry and pharmacy courses that cannot be matched at www.medicalcollege.com.my

The principles applied to all dentistry courses are from pharmacology. The classes are not limited to, therapeutic, pharmaceuticals, or pharmacology. The courses offered at www.medicalcollege.com.my, include anesthesia, maxillofacial and oral surgery. The extensive dentistry courses promote absolute trust for all patients.

The pharmaceutical courses include cutting-edge training that allows a student the opportunity to gain a career with many of the finest companies and/or laboratories. Courses in pharmacy practice are extremely disciplined. The courses are equipped to give the student valuable instruction and responsibility to their clients and physicians. Giving the patient the best care and meeting the need of the communities is the number 1 directive of all pharmacy courses.

The faculty and laboratory technicians support each student throughout the entire training, so the student may have the best possible clinical experience. The laboratory courses are traditional in nature. The theoretical courses are also designed meticulously for application technique. Science and technology are a major scope to allow the students a sense of responsibility to always maintain instructional standards. Here are some of the main focus points of the training courses offered:

  • Basic training fundamentals in physical and biological sciences
  • Health related research
  • Drug reactions/actions and toxicity
  • Physiology development
  • Synthesis
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Development and design of pharmaceutical agents
  • Chemotherapeutic mechanisms, and much more

www.medicalcollege.com.my will offer each student a unique and rewarding coursework that they will value for a lifetime. A career in the pharmaceutical and dentistry fields are unprecedented in the this current century.

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