Multi-IP Hosting (also known as SEO Web Hosting) premises on the idea that Google considers the server IP address that a website resides on, in determining the relationship between websites. This consideration is especially important for Internet Marketers who have a network of money sites or SEOs who maintain blog networks for link-building – they should host the websites on seperate IP addresses if possible, for maximum effectiveness. This way, links created from blog farm in the example, would more likely be considered as backlinks from different websites by Google.

Multi-IP Hosting is no different from normal web hosting, except for the fact that the packages are normally sold based on the number of different C-Class IP addresses. A good multi-IP hosts is able to provide a spread of different C-Class IP addresses across different regions in the world, and not only IP addresses in the United States, to allow the hosted websites to look as distinct as possible.

Of course a different C-Class IP address is not the only factor – there are other precautions that should be observed if you intent to trick Google. These include making your domain registration private using proxy services and using seperate accounts for Google Analytics (and also different Adsense and Webmaster Tools accounts). You also shouldn’t post items from all the websites to the same social network (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, or link them together – instead, employ random backlinking to avoid detection.

Despite the “perceived” benefits of multi-IP web hosting, there is no solid proof on its true effectiveness as far as Google is concerned because most Search Engine Optimization techniques are based on assumptions anyway, according to Larry Lim – a Singapore SEO expert who first broke the news about Yes 4G using misleading Google ads which subsequently led to Yes 4G’s media company Carat Malaysia apologizing.

Either way, if you have invested or planned to invest a considerable amount of money and effort into building a farm of money site or blog network, you should definitely consider multi-IP hosting. At QuestNet, our packages start from only US$20 for 5 dedicated Class-C IPs, and the unit price falls quite significantly for the bigger subscription plans. Contact us today to get a quote!