Usually a injury or a ligament tear is one of the most common cause of pain in ankle. During a cartilage tear, significant amount of pressure is exerted on ankle. Sometimes calcium deficiency is also responsible for ankle pain. However, surrounding pain should also never be ignored. A sprained or deformed ankle needs immediate attention.

Another cause for ankle sprain is torn ligament that may take few weeks to heal. Sometimes ankle pain may also occur due to tendonitis, which originates in the tendons of ankle. Sprains and factures are also very painful. One can get requisite treatment and care at pain center.

There are several reasons for sprained ankle but proper diagnosis by a specialist is the best way to go at an early stage. In women, most common reason for this pain is high heels. If any previous injury is the reason, then orthopedic surgeon is the best person to diagnose and prescribe suitable treatment. Sometimes, sudden jerky movement, exercise regime, or dance forms may also lead to foot pain.

It has been observed that even arthritis may also lead to pain in ankles. Also severe pain may need proper diagnosis, but mild pain can be handled easily at home. Bandages or medication should only be used after consultation with doctor such as

Swelling or ankle sprain can be treated with the application of ice, or hot fomentation. Rest is the best medicine, though painkillers may also help in some cases. In some cases, braces or crutches also give some relief. Mostly, physical therapy is recommended in case of surgery for improving the strength of ankle. This provides lot of comfort to the joint and muscle movement, and it is possible for suffering person to get back to routine within a short time.

Ankle braces
Many types of ankle braces are also available on the market for handle ankle sprains. In case of ankle injury, mostly a rigid type of brace is attached. This is specifically designed to make the ankle completely immobile to prevent any further injury.

Another type of ankle brace is known as functional brace. It includes soft braces, semi rigid, and air-cast and lace up braces. Many studies have shown that it is better to use functional braces than rigid type braces for handling acute sprains. However, this can vary from person to person.

Injury to the ankle
In any pain in the ankle, both cartilage and muscle are closely examined. Before recommending the treatment, doctor prefers to ascertain his or her occupation or else it may slow down the recovery.

For all sport related injuries, there is a separate rehabilitation program that is to be followed. In some cases, injections can also provide some relief. Excellent help and care is also available in pain center clinics. 

Educational video describing conditions and treatment methods associated with pain of the ankle.