What is branding?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any startup in Malaysia. Your brand is going to set your business apart from all others. It helps consumers to identify your products or services. It even helps to build loyalty and trust. Here are some ways to effectively build and reinforce the brand of your startup.


Keep Your Brand Narrow and Focused

Keep your brand narrow and focused during the initial development stage. A big mistake some startups in Malaysia make is to dilute the brand early on with the thought of expansion at some point in the future. Do not do this. Trim your brand down so that it is simple to understand and easy to recognise. This will make it much more identifiable and memorable to consumers.




Make Your Brand Distinct In Every Way

A common mistake seen with some startups around Malaysia is an attempt to emulate or copy another successful brand. Some companies do this in the hopes of getting business from consumers who make mistakes. Others are trying to fit into an already crowded industry by looking like every other business. You really want to make your brand distinct in every way from other existing companies. Being unique will allow your startup to stand out from the competition and clones of other companies.


brand relevantEnsure the Brand Is Relevant To Your Startup

Another issue that can be seen with new startups is a brand that is not relevant to the underlying business. You want consumers in Malaysia to have some idea about what your startup is about and what you are offering from your brand. This means you should choose brand designs and principles that reflect your product or service as well as your business philosophies. Do not just base your brand on something random because you like the way it looks or sounds.


Have an Office Space That Reflects Your Brand

How you present the startup during face-to-face meetings can impact your brand. You want to have an office space that reflects your brand. Servcorp Malaysia serviced offices will give your startup a professional appearance and a sense of competence. You can enhance this effect by decorating a leased office with branded materials or posters for your business when holding meetings.


cocacola office

Coca-Cola office in Bulgaria


Do Your Research

do researchYou need to take time to do your research in Malaysia when developing a brand for your startup. You should get groups of people together to show them the brand and get opinions or reactions. Do this with everything from logos to core messages and slogans. Really consider the responses and look for trends. Make adjustments to remove confusing parts of the brand or to clarify the purpose of your startup. Some simple market research can pay off significantly with your brand as the company grows.