The fast advancement in technology has placed most businesses on the same level such as through social media platforms any business whether large or small can gain an audience and have an impact on the economy. This has forced several offices to shift from the regular white wall cubicle and routine working conditions and adapt new techniques to stimulate creativity in the office. Performance of your brand in the market is highly dependent on your office staff and how creative they can be. Creativity can be increased in the work place by implementing simple changes such as the following:

iStock_000021214814_600x400Encourage group activities
Holding open, unrestricted conversations allows free interaction of the employees with fellow colleagues at work and this is known to increase the level of creativity. Most great ideas have originated from random chats especially for group activities in Singapore based offices. To enhance free interaction the physical arrangement in the office should reduce the number of private work space and create a common meeting place such as a coffee lounge. These interactive sessions in the office makes the staff be comfortable, relaxed and happy with their work place. Happy employees automatically increase production levels for your brand through the interactive session with familiar faces constructive feedback is received.

CroppedImage600300-Award-for-DiversityEncourage diversity at the work place
Indulging the office staff from various backgrounds in group activities will generate the diversity required for development of unique ideas. Creativity flourishes in a place where there is free exchange of ideas from people of different backgrounds and experiences. Employees with similar characteristics, backgrounds, and experiences will have great team building experiences but challenges will occur when it comes to innovation and the creativity levels since they all think in a similar manner. Therefore in order to foster creativity you should ensure that your staff is cross-functional to facilitate diverse perspectives when the business is faced with challenges.

13-Microsoft-Wellington-Offices3Graphics and colour choice
The environment in the office determines creativity levels of the employees. An office with white painted walls and cubicles with chart hangings in most cases hinders innovative thinking. Graphical wallpapers and activities such as art jamming in Singapore stimulate creative ideas. In order to facilitate creativity and free thinking in the office, put up paintings and other appealing wall hangings for instance nature. The choice of colour for the office décor plays an important in stimulating the mind. Different colours have different emotional and mental effect. Achieving balance and use of appropriate colours is beneficial to high creativity levels. For instance, Art Jam in Singapore, allows employees to entertain themselves as they brainstorm ideas.

cd04f71b040ab488e3f56af5e1dda4ecAward employees
A positive environment is ideal for out of the box thinking and this can be achieved through awarding creativity in the office. More employees will be motivated to be creative and come up with new ideas when there is a reward in the end. Rewards serve as an inspiration for new fresh ideas that will improve the office set up as the employees have something to look forward to. The reward can be material goods for example money awards, gifts or intangible rewards such as public recognition to fellow office staff. Rewards drive the team towards creativity and exploration of new ideas.