Whether you’ve played LoL before or is completely new to the game, the learning curve is not to be trifled with. League of Legends comes as one of the most popular and advanced real-time strategy games today. With more than 60 million players active per month, there is no denying the fact that LoL is a world of its own. Here are five simple tricks you can do to unleash your competitiveness and in-game skills.

Learn the Jargon 

It’s common courtesy to have at least a basic understanding of the gaming jargon used by other players. It not only makes you look less of a newbie, but also lets you talk strategy with your teammates, which ultimately increase your chances of winning and progressing as an LoL player. This includes mana cost, skill cool down, skill shots, last hits, summoner levels, influence points, and player roles, such as AD carries and supports.

Strategize in Every Match 

Don’t let matches be a mindless experience wherein you don’t learn anything afterwards. Proactively think of ways you can farm better, destroy buildings quicker, and vanquish enemy champions more effectively. A strategic approach is a good foundation or core from which you can test new item builds and farm techniques and team combinations.

Know the Champions 

This is pretty much a no-brainer if you want to learn and master the game. Champions are your characters in-game. Each champion has slight and significant variations in terms of skill, speed, strength, and role over other champions. However, they do bear similar rudimentary features including a basic attack, a passive, and four main skills.

Know the Roles 

The next thing you should focus on after familiarizing yourself with champions is the roles they can fill in a team. Playing your champion’s role properly is imperative to victory. Some champions are effective tower pushers, but are squishy when it comes to team fights. Others are powerful damage dealers but only have impact late in the game. Without further ado, the six primary roles include attack damage carries, ability power carries, tanks, fighters, supports, and assassins.

Practice, Practice, Practice 

After your League of Legends download, try and practice either through bot matches or with real players. It can be overwhelming, especially during team fights when abilities are being triggered from all corners of your computer screen. However, it’s the best path towards becoming better. Sure, there will be players who will say offensive and nasty comments towards your performance, but the reality is every gamer goes through the stage of being a novice. If you’re really serious in mastering LoL and is considering even joining minor league tournaments, practice at least once a week.

Being a free-to-play MOBA game, there’s certainly no reason not to try out League of Legends during your downtime. It’s fast-paced, action-packed, and gives you a chance to immerse yourself in a community of gamers who share the same interests and idea of fun. Use the five tricks above to avoid looking like a total newbie in-game.