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UK universities are very much in demand by students from countries outside the UK as well as those within the area. UK business schools have top reputations when it comes time for graduates to look for jobs. Young people living in the UK find it quite a burden financially. However, the money exchange is very beneficial to Malaysian students, who can save money during their first two years of studies. Students in the UK and abroad now have excellent business studies programmes that afford the privilege of acquiring international expertise and financial prowess in other countries. The business twinning programme provides for the student to study half of their studies at home and then another half abroad, such as Malaysia.

Malaysia Successful in Twinning With UK

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While the concept of twinning for one’s business education is clearly a win-win proposition, the Malaysia area has been most forthcoming in embracing twinning in their education system. Malaysian colleges of learning have partnered with highly respected learning institutions in other countries for these programmes. Additionally some foreign institutions have followed the example of the University of Nottingham and have established campuses in Malaysia. The credits a student accumulates, material they cover and accreditation of skills they acquire are then transferred so they can continue their studies abroad.

Malaysian students also benefit greatly from their participation in the UK business twinning programme, as they can study at home during the first part of their higher education, and then transfer their work to the UK to complete their university studies. The experience provides the Malaysian student who may not have had international experience the opportunity to do so in the university environment. It also is very financially beneficial, as the student has much less expenses while living and studying at home for the first part of their business twinning programme.

UK Students Benefit from Twinning

The twinning programme is quite popular with students. Business schools in the UK are known for scholastic high standards but unfortunately some have high costs. These costs lessen through the UK business-twinning programme, and the student who completes the program ends up with a UK degree.

  1. The curriculum, subjects, syllabi is the same in both countries. UK business instructor marks exams to ensure the same high grading standards at each school.
  2. Study material and courses are identical.
  3. All work and credits are transferable to the twinning university.
  4. Programme offering 3 years at home and one year abroad is also offered at some institutions.

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There are many schools in the UK carrying the UK business-twinning programme. The degree received permits and enhances the opportunity for employment in both the UK and his or her own country based upon the graduating student’s specific degree.

The business world’s impact will be forthcoming as the evidence of twinning’s educational innovations materialize in the future international market.