Penang Island is one of the top destinations to visit in Malaysia. The island experiences the same climate and weather like other parts of Malaysia, but since it is an island, the temperatures may be higher making it a perfect destination for beach picnics and games. It is also the country’s food capital with street food vendors and cafes at every corner. 
Accommodation tips

You want to know where you will stay first before you book a vacation, and Penang Island does not fall short of housing choices. The island offers accommodation ranging from pocket-friendly resorts to high-end five-star hotels the Penang Hotel, which is mainly located in the George Town area.

It is important to choose accommodation near the activities you are going to undertake once you are on the island. Searching the internet for pocket-friendly accommodation and Penang hotel promotions is worthwhile since you will be able to not only get a hotel that fits your budget, but one that is near the experiences you are hoping to enjoy during your stay.

Sites to visit

The UNESCO town of George is a great place to start your tour. The colonial capital is like a living museum with an array of Chinese shop-houses built surrounding the British colonial buildings. Still in George Town, you will see the Penang street art which through caricature tells the social history of the island.

You may also take a bus tour by purchasing a ‘’passport”. Bus tours offer many destinations to choose from including part-and-ride bus services, George Town tours, north coast tours among others.

The island known to have one of most beautiful white beached in the world, and you might want to take a dive or a long walk along the shore while you are visiting to enjoy their serenity thoroughly. The best beaches are hidden from site, and you might have to hike, trek, or hire a local boatman to take you there.

Street food guide
Street food in Malaysia is famous all over the world, with the island of Penang being the cherry on the cake. The island boasts of extraordinary cuisines with local eateries tucked away in every corner. If you are a food lover, or not, you will enjoy the food variety offered by the street food vendors.

How to get there

When visiting the island, you can get there by plane, road, or ferry depending on where you are coming from. If using a plane, the Penang airport will be your entry point to the island. How long it will take you to get there will depend on how far you are coming from.

The island is accessible by a short 15 minutes ferry ride from the mainland at Butterworth. If traveling by road from the mainland, you will need to take the 13.5 km bridge that links the mainland with the island, or take the longer 24 km bridge.

If you are looking for your next vacation destination, bookmark Penang for an affordable, accessible, and thrilling gateway.