Are you taking GMAT? GMAT, which stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, is a popular entrance exam to MBA programs in Singapore. Below, is a guest post by our client ICON+, a leading test preparation school in Singapore, on the subject…

After many years of teaching GMAT and countless types of students, there is one particular flaw that, so far, no one has failed to demonstrate. In an ideal world, I would pass a student a set of practice questions, they would answer some correctly and some incorrectly, but then if tested again later with similar questions, would get them all correct.

But in the real world, it is always the case that students will not only mess up questions very similar to ones which they’ve already seen, but they will also mess up the identical question, even if I present it to them only a few days later.

Try it yourself. The next time you encounter a hard question in your study, make a blank copy and set it aside for a few days. Once you’ve forgotten whether it’s A, B, C, D, or E, try it again. Having a tough time? I thought you might.

What is the secret to making sure that our practice is truly solidifying techniques and concepts? Unfortunately, there’s a boring answer: repetition. Successful test takers are not the ones who complete the practice problems from all of the official guides, a prep course, and ten other textbooks. They are the ones who complete only a fraction of those problems, but take the time reviewing them to make sure they can do each one quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

So instead of mowing through practice questions one after another, make sure you take the time to set aside tricky ones, and review them later. Only by doing so can you ensure that the right methods and techniques will “stick” until test day.

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