While it’s often convenient to hop down to a local shop to peruse their latest skin care product offerings, there are several bonuses to choosing to buy skin care online. Not only can it be done from the comfort of one’s own home, but online prices are unbeatable, online shops can offer a broader selection of products, and most retailers offer incentives to online shoppers.


1. Lower Overhead Mean Lower Prices

Brick and mortar shops are almost universally more expensive than online stores. Retailers that sell exclusively online have the benefit of not having to worry about heating, cooling, electricity, rent, and extra employees to serve customers and keep the shop tidy– all things that cost money that must be factored into the prices of their merchandise. Not having a brick and mortar shop means lower bills for business owners, which generally translates to lower prices for their customers.


2. Who Doesn’t Like Free Things?

As an added incentive to attract customers, online makeup and skin care retailers are usually generous when it comes to offering free samples. These are a benefit over regular shops with tester products because it allows customers to try products as they normally would in part of their skin care routine, instead of having to try them right before buying. Testing out free samples from online beauty shops is an excellent way to find additions to one’s skin care regimen.


3. Better Access to Hard-to-Find Items

Sometimes, a product simply can’t be found. This is especially true for speciality items, like natural skin products or those for people with skin allergies. Unfortunately, if a local shop doesn’t have something, that can mean having to track it down. The internet is a great resource for hard-to-find items that can be shipped from virtually anywhere.


4. Better Overall Selection

Since online retailers don’t have to concern themselves with maintaining attractive, neat, easy-to-shop shelves, they have fewer limitations on their inventory space. This means that an online shop can offer both a much wider variety of items and more individual units of each. In the end, online shoppers can visit one website to see the same selection it would’ve taken three or four regular shops to hold.


5. Easy Return Policies

One common fear is that buying products sight unseen from an online retailer might result in a lot of unusable items and wasted money. After all, who wants to pay for something they aren’t sure will work for their skin type? Or worse, will cause them to break out? Fortunately, most online retailers understand this and compensate by offering generous return policies– some will even take back products that have been opened.


6. Convenience

Online retailers are indispensable for students, people who work, and other situations where busy schedules just doesn’t allow enough time for shopping. They’re available to take orders around the clock, and ship them right to one’s front door.

While online beauty retailers aren’t likely to ever fully replace actual stores, they serve an important purpose for shoppers. Their ease, convenience, low prices, and flexibility make buying skin care products online a smart decision.