Recently a Malaysian finance website announced the top six highest paying jobs in Malaysia for the year 2016.

The majority of job seekers in the country put salary and benefits as their number 1 priority when looking for a job, followed by new challenges and career progression.


The website also stated the latest monthly average salary in Malaysia, which ranges from RM900 (minimum) to RM70, 000 (maximum), with RM7, 384 being the average salary.


Meanwhile, on a scale of 1-5 (1 being very unsatisfied, and 5 being very satisfied), Malaysian workers scored 2.42 in a survey on Salary Satisfaction conducted by the website.


This time around, we’re seeing a diversity of jobs making it onto the list. This is the 2016 list of six highest paying jobs in Malaysia:

A portrait of a medical assistant while an operation takes place in the background.

  1. Surgeon

    A job in the field of health and medical proved to be lucrative after all those hard years of studying, with a surgeon taking away RM70, 000 in salary per month! To become a surgeon, you’ll need a minimum qualification of a Doctoral Degree (M.D.).


  1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    It’s only natural to earn a lot when your field is finance, with Chief Financial Officer (CFO) earning about RM70, 000 a month. To be a CFO, you’ll need a minimum qualification of a Master’s degree in accounting, finance or business.


  1. Marketing Director

    If you’re interested to work in the field of marketing, make sure you’ll make it to the top. A Marketing Director brings home about RM55, 000 per month. To be a Marketing Director, you’ll need a minimum qualification of a Master’s degree in marketing or business administration.


  1. Clinical Research Associate

    Who’d have thought that a Clinical Research Associate could make it to top 5, where he or she could earn RM52, 917 a month? A job in the field of pharmaceutical and biotechnology has proven to be lucrative after all, particularly when you brew up something new that could benefit humankind. To be a Clinical Research Associate, you’ll need a minimum qualification of a Postgraduate in nursing, life sciences or medical sciences.


  1. Real Estate Broker

    A job in the field of sales has always been lucrative, depending on how much of a hustler you are. A Real Estate Broker can earn about RM50, 000 per month, and to become one, you’ll need a minimum qualification of a Diploma in any discipline. That said, you’d also have to be persuasive, convincing, a hustler, a smooth talker, and know your ins and outs of a property and its surrounding.

Senior and junior engineers discussing work together in office, senior man pointing at screen

  1. Engineering jobs (oil & gas, electronics and mechanicals)

    When we talk about engineering jobs, there are varieties in this line of work; with monthly salaries ranging from RM2, 500 (minimum for fresh grads) to over RM10, 000. The more senior you are, the higher you’ll be earning. For junior executives, the salary starts from RM3, 600 and above. For senior executives, the salary is around RM4, 700 to RM5, 000, while those on managerial level rake in RM8, 000 to RM10, 000. Senior managers earn even higher, with a salary ranging from RM14, 000 to RM20, 000.


Even though a high-paying job means it will be a stressful job with added challenges, the benefits that you’ll get far outweigh the challenges in the long run. That said, it’s highly competitive to earn a spot at the top, but if your foundation is solid (which means you got all the basics like skills, experiences or qualifications covered) you’ll be climbing up the career ladder.