There are over 40 different types of engineering specializations, segregated into 5 different disciplines, all performing different functions in the market. That’s why anyone who has ever tried to find engineering careers online may have stumbled upon endless lists of opportunities all focused on varying facets of countless industries. Yes, it can be tough to determine which career would be best for an engineering graduate. But if your main consideration is your potential salary, these 5 most lucrative job opportunities for engineers could be your best bet:


  1. Petroleum Engineer – While there are lots of new technologies that have been developed to provide us alternative energy sources, petroleum still proves to be the most highly sought-after commodity in the world. Powering hundreds of different industries, petroleum is sourced by drilling deep holes into the earth and suctioning the valuable compound from underneath large bodies of water. Designing and overseeing these operations is the duty of a petroleum engineer. Base annual salary: 326,254 – 820,046
  2. Electrical Engineer – The duties and responsibilities of an electrical engineer can vary depending on the company they’re working for. Engineers that work for electric companies are in charge of designing, supervising, and troubleshooting equipment necessary for electricity distribution. On the other hand, electrical engineers that work for electronics companies are tasked to design schematics for electronic devices for commercial or consumer use. Base annual salary: 251,304 – 392,387
  3. Computer Engineer – This is a fairly new field of engineering, with some sources claiming that there are currently not enough computer engineers to satisfy the demand for them in the industry. These professionals are responsible for designing not just computer hardware, but also tech software which is a highly sought-after skill because of the shift of industries to more tech-centered commodities. Base annual salary: 277,757 – 661,327computer-engineers-are-responsible-for-designing-computer-hardware-and-tech-software
  4. Aerospace Engineer – Space exploration is an ever-evolving industry, which constantly shifts and improves to further our knowledge and our reach in terms of the different unexplored and mysterious entities in outer space. While it is rather technical, work as an aerospace engineer can be very rewarding. Of course, there are very few job opportunities like this in countries that don’t necessarily engage in space exploration, and so individuals may have to look for opportunities abroad. What’s more, employers also look for very specialized skills and post-graduate diplomas in order to consider applicants for even entry level positions. Base annual salary: 266,735 – 454,111
  5. Chemical Engineer – Working in different industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, petrochemicals, food processing, and biotechnology, chemical engineers are some of the most versatile professionals in the market. These people are mainly responsible for providing guidelines on proper chemical handling, developing safe ways for product distribution, and even assisting medical professionals in developing healthcare technologies. Chemical engineers can also find purpose in different manufacturing plants and factories where they inspect the premises and production processes in order to suggest changes for optimum worker health and safety. Base annual salary: 255,713 – 678,962chemical-engineers-are-some-of-the-most-versatile-professionals-in-the-market

It takes a lot to be an engineer and it’s definitely not an easy profession. But striving to be the best in the industry can open a lot of doors for your career and lead you to a lucrative professional life. Remember these 5 highest paying engineering jobs and work your way up the ladder to achieve success in one of the hardest industries today.