Children and adults both require proper nutrition and daily exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These factors are especially important to growing children so that they are able to adopt and recognize proper habits early in life. Without adequate exercise, vitamins, and protein children can quickly become sickly, sluggish, overweight, or otherwise unhealthy. It can be difficult to reverse these patterns later in life and some of the harmful side effects are potentially damaging and irreversible.


Placing Value On Education

Although most people are aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many parents and children are leaving the house everyday without having a bite to eat or a sip to drink. This can be a dangerous habit because children who do not have breakfast often do not fare well in school on tests or with physical activities because they have trouble focusing when they have an empty stomach. Products such as Milo 3-in-1 (see nutrition facts here) that are packed with vitamins and nutrients are not only healthy breakfast choices but are also very filling and satisfy children and adults from morning until lunch or beyond.

Toddler Nutrition KnowHow


Teaching Children About Exercise

With the main focus of the day on video games, television programs, and other sedentary activities it can be difficult to make physical movement exciting for children and teenagers. Even many school districts have limited or even eliminated physical education courses for certain grades in order to make room for other academic opportunities. The end result is a generation that is plagued with premature onset of chronic illnesses and diseases that are easily avoidable through diet and exercise. When families get involved in group activities such as hiking, camping, or bicycling the adults and children are likely to be in better shape than other people in their same age groups. These fun hobbies as well as sports and water activities are helpful in the process of allowing families to bond and communicate in a more healthy manner as well. Taking a break from a busy day of outdoor activities can include a sensible snack of protein, fruits, and vegetables.