As a Southeast Asian organisation, you can search for domain names through any domain search engine worldwide, as well as locally. These domain search engines allow to find out what name is available, what is not, and what is available for a premium price. This includes sites like You will also find basic WHOIS information, telling you who the owner of the domain name is, if it is currently owned, and how you can get in touch with them. This can be useful if you want to propose buying the name from them.

Before buying a domain name, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when registering a domain name for maximum effectiveness.



Purchase a name with the appropriate 2-letter top-level-domain (TLD) corresponding to the country.


Use of TLD

First off, it is very much worth considering purchasing a domain name that is specifically targeted for the country that you are in. This is done by purchasing a name with the appropriate 2-letter top-level-domain (TLD) corresponding to the country, like .sg for Singapore and .my for Malaysia. This can give your organisation specific branding advantages, especially if you are promoting the local appeal of your offerings.



Choose a domain name which is easy to remember and friendly!


Memorable Name

It also is advantageous to make your name vivid. With so many millions of domains out there, it is easy for a bland name to get lost among the selection, in the minds of your target audience. A unique name could be an interesting twist of the phrase, or simply a powerful-sounding coined word. It’s important to feel out, within your own awareness, what name is catchy enough to stick in your mind for a bit longer than simply the time it takes to hear it spoken or see it written.





Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Another feature worth considering is ensuring that the name is easy to spell and pronounce. As a Southeast Asian country, you might be dealing with a unique product, service, or concept native to a language other than English. While this can be a good thing, it’s worth keeping in mind that such a name should still be easy enough to roll off the tongue of anyone visiting your site. This is so that they can repeat it in their own posts and share it with others, as well as remember what it is when they wish to return to the site.




Keep Yo-ur Name Short

Finally you would benefit from having the domain name short and to the point. A long domain name, even if memorable and even if easy to spell and pronounce, can still be a barrier to acceptance if the user has to type a long name into their browser. Granted a lot of users make avail of their bookmarks or auto-complete to access frequently used websites. At the same time a lot of them don’t, especially if they use multiple devices or browsers. Thus, keeping your names short and phrases abbreviated goes a long way in ensuring people visit your site consistently.


How to Choose a Good Domain Name



With a variety of sites available to choose a domain name, there is no problem securing a name useful and meaningful to your organisation. With a little consideration for a few different factors, you could be on the way to a successful, profitable venture not just in Southeast Asia, but with significance throughout the world.