What do you do when the first game is massively successful? You release another one of course. This is what the ESTsoft Corp. team did with Cabal. The successor promotes a variety of fun and exciting changes from its initial techno-punk style to a dynasty-themed, fast-paced game with six playable characters as well.

However, gamers who loved the Blader class in the first Cabal game will be disappointed to know that it’s been replaced with a new class – the Priest. Everything else, however, remains the same cool and exciting action-packed game you’ve come to expect from Cabal.



The Warrior class walks around with a titanic two-handed sword rather than carry a shield. Their swordsmanship skills are comparable to the Force Shielder class, yet they are more geared towards sheer damage and destruction. A downside to the Warrior class is their lack of attack speed, which means you’ll get hit a lot by DPS characters and non-player mobs.


What they lack in HP and armour, they make up for in their spell damage. Wizards are the highest spell damage dealers in the game. Armed with a staff or orb, they can unleash a fleet of single-target and AOE skills to punish other players or mobs. Fortunately, they have some support buffs and evasive skills like Teleport so they can last longer in fights.


Force Blader

Perhaps the best way to describe the class is versatility. Force Bladers are all-around and can survive in a variety of combat situations. But unlike the first two characters, the class is fairly difficult to play with, especially during PvP when you need to hit those combos precisely. Force is their main weapon, which they emit through a Sabre and reactor. They can increase both normal and skill damage further through passive buffs that increase certain stats.
Force Shielder

The one-handed swordsman counterpart of a warrior, Force Shielders deal decent damage but can also absorb damage at the party’s front line. They use a gigantic shield and a long sword to give them a fair amount of range against enemies. Force Shielders don’t get enough respect from the community because of their relatively low damage. However, when used right, a Force Shielder becomes a powerful asset to any levelling or raiding party.

Force Archer

A ranged DPS class that uses the force to inflict damage and survive combat, Force Archers are very difficult characters to level up and strengthen. The learning curve does pay off as Force Archers can dish out devastating power very quickly and without missed shots. For faster levelling, you can purchase in-game items with credit. Simply go to SEA gamer mall to top up.

The new class to be introduced to Cabal 2, the Priest class is trained to be a support character for parties. While they do have offensive skills, the damage and DPS isn’t really that efficient for grinding levels and farming equipment. But when placed in a party, Priests outshine every class since they become the most important asset.

Choose your character wisely. Try to experiment with skill builds until you find your rhythm. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. It’s a game after all.