Not everyone that wishes to publish a website has a huge budget to work with. This is why the lower cost option of shared hosting might prove appealing. That said, even though it is more costly, dedicated hosting just might be the much better option for those that have serious concerns about the effective operation of their website.

What is the primary difference between shared and dedicated hosting? Shared hosting means several different websites will be hosted on a single server. With a dedicated plan, one website is hosted on a single server. Hence, the server is dedicated solely to the one website and no other sites or clients (see What a Top Dedicated Server Hosting Service Should Offer).

When people browse the internet, all they will see is published sites. They will not know if the website is hosted in a shared or dedicated manner. This may lead them to believe there really is no value to dedicated server hosting. Such an assessment is woefully inaccurate. There are quite a number of significant benefits to signing on with a dedicated plan with web hosting services.

One of the most critical issues a website publisher must be concerned about is bandwidth. If the bandwidth on a website is overly lacking, the navigation and loading of the site will be slow. In the massively huge world of the internet, not very many visitors will want to spend too much time waiting for a website to load so they will go elsewhere. With shared hosting, one website can actually draw bandwidth away from another. This should not prove surprising since there is only so much bandwidth on a single server and all the various websites have to share it. When enough bandwidth is drained, websites could end up crashing and going off-line. Such downtime could end up being devastating to a website publisher. With dedicated server hosting, one website accesses the bandwidth. It will not be drained by other sites on the server since there won’t be any other sites on the server.

There will also be much better security on a dedicated server in Malaysia. Again, there will be only one website on the server so viruses and malware that breach weak points on other websites cannot spread to it. Security is always a serious concern to website publishers and one of the best ways to boost security would be to acquire dedicated hosting.

What is the final analysis? Anyone wishing to eliminate a host of reliability and security problems should simply invest a little extra in a dedicated server.