We got an email from a hosting client yesterday, asking about using The Best Spinner to generate content from PLR articles for article marketing. Here at Questnet, we’ve always advised clients to write useful and original content but here goes our take on the spinning software anyway.

It’s general knowledge that The Best Spinner is highly regarded in Internet Marketing circles, as its name suggests, the best article spinner available. The strength of The Best Spinner lies in its huge synonym database, that is not only dictionary-based but also based on data from its huge user base. The software allows nested spinning, and is even capable of spinning entire sentences and paragraphs.

What’s more, you can generate up to 500 articles (up from 250 articles previously) at the click of a button. It even allows you to ensure that the articles are “unique” enough, using the built-in percentage uniqueness measure and integrated Copyscape check — you need to subscribe to Copyscape Premium though, which is cheap at $0.01 per check.

However, you need to spend considerable time re-writing the article with synonyms if you want a really well-spun article that not only reads well but unique enough to pass Copyscape. So whether that’s worth your time or not, you have to really consider because there’s always the alternative to pay a freelancer in India or the Philippines to write 450-word articles for a mere $3. Our experience have shown that the work can be pretty good because it usually involves more than 1 person — a writer and a QC checker.

You should also take note that Google’s recent algorithm update renders spun content virtually useless, that is unless you intend to work hard in building backlinks to your spun articles, to mislead the spiders into thinking the articles are of good value and that’s why they’re getting linked to. According to the link, even big sites like EzineArticles.com and Squidoo.com have been pummelled, so do consider your own chances with the spun articles.

So there you go …our take on The Best Spinner software.