Starting a company involves a lot of dynamics with your clients and of course your employees. For a start-up company it is important that you understand HR’s role in your organization. Human resources or HR is the department that is charged with recruiting, finding and screening your future employees.


Here are the top five main functions of your HR department:


  1. Recruitment


One of the most important functions of HR is recruiting new employees. The faster they are able to fill up the positions while sticking to the company’s standards, the better it is for your company. They play an essential part in shaping your company for the future.

Portrait of multi racial business team showing unity at office

  1. Employee Relations


After the recruitment phase, the HR department does not stop working. They have to make sure that there is a healthy environment for all the employees. They also strive to strengthen the employee-employer relationship by resolving potential conflicts in the office before they become full blown labor issues.


  1. Benefits


It is the job of the HR department to provide compensation structures and benefits that will keep your employees satisfied. It usually includes health benefits and insurances. A HR specialist should be assigned to negotiate with health companies regarding the coverage rates and retirement plans of their employees in the future.


  1. Safety


Another important factor in your start-up company is the safety of the working environment. It is part of the HR department’s job to promote workplace safety by creating a system that will help them monitor any injuries, accidents and other safety concerns of your employees.


It is also the job of the HR team to conduct safety and maintenance trainings to keep all the employees informed about safety practices.


  1. Compliance


Last but not the least, the HR department is also responsible for ensuring that the company complies with regards labor codes and employment laws. Non-compliance may result to complaints by your employees due to unfair practices or unsatisfactory working environment that can affect your company’s performance.


Overall, your HR’s role in employee engagement is very crucial especially for a start up company. Make sure to hire qualified HR personnel who has the vision and strategies that will help your company grow.