So you are ready to go out and buy your first Tag Heuer watch. Some of your friends have one. Now you are excited to join on them on the ride. Before you do though, allow me to enlighten you on a few things. There are some protocols that must be followed. It’s not as easy as looking at the Tag Heuer price tag and hit “buy.”


If you are going to buy a watch that has been previously worn, look at the serial number. it’s on the back. It connects right to the manufacturer and dealer information. Do some fact-checking first. Run the number into the computer system. How can you get this?

You have to ask the dealer for it. A good dealer will be okay with giving it out to you. This is so you can look at the history. Look in to what has been done with it. Think of this in terms of “get the car fax.” You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing it’s history. It’s the same thing.


This is what gets some of the customers. Some dealers try to pressure people into buying. They say something like:

“I have a few other people interested in it right now. You need to act fast if you want it to be yours.”

Allow me to explain something to you. There is no “other person(s).” The dealer is trying to rush you. Here is a good game plan. Tell the dealer you have some thinking to do. Ask him/her to put it on hold for a day or so.

This way you won’t feel as pressured. Besides, if the dealer is trying to pressure you, you should ask yourself what is wrong with it. Pressure is a good indication the dealer is trying to offload it very quickly. Do not fall prey to this, especially if it’s a Tag.

If the dealer is genuine, he or she will have no problem holding it for you.


This is another thing you need to consider. What is your financial situation like? Will buying a Tag put you in debt up to your eyeballs? Will it be just a drop in the bucket for you? If you cannot afford the real deal, a knock-off might be a better option. It will still be as genuine as the real deal, only cheaper.


What type of Tag watch is going to fit into your lifestyle? Look at your likes and dislikes. Do not buy based on what your other friends are doing. Buy based on what is going to suit your needs/purpose.

Think of when and where you will be wearing it. This will also play a role in what sort of watch you wear. You wouldn’t buy an expensive Tag dinner watch to wear for work in the outdoors, would you? Think about it.


This is the final word I will leave you with. Always get your Tag Insured. If something does happen, you will be covered. There is no need for you to pay for something that went wrong on someone else’s clock.