Throwing a stress free dinner party can seem like a challenge, even if it is for twenty of your closest friends. Questions will frequently pop up that you will have to address, such as:

– “What should you serve for the meal?
– What if not everyone likes your cooking?
– What should you do to break the ice; should you use icebreakers or simply let guests mingle?
– When should you hold the party? Should you hold it at your house or should you consider renting a private room?

These are just a few questions that you should ask yourself before going to plan your dinner party.

Once you’ve got a few essentials planned, like who to invite and what time the party should happen, it’s time to hammer out the finer details about the party and what your guests will expect. Think about the dinner customs you enjoy and what you’d expect from another party, and do not forget the important items such as wine delivery in Singapore.

Double Check For Allergies 

While most people with allergies will likely let you know, it’s still important to double-check with your guests that they don’t have any allergies. Nothing is more embarrassing for a guest to be the person who can’t eat more than half the meal, and nothing is more frustrating to find out that the meal you cooked can’t be enjoyed by all.

Start With The Snacks 

It’s no secret that almost every party you go to or host, there will be a wide variety of snacks available. Whether it’s cheese and crackers or the very best snacks delivery in Singapore, starting with the snacks is a sure way to please your guests.

Add the Wine 

Wine is a must have for any party. If you want to make the party be one that is remembered, be sure to include the wine. It’s your party after all, so why not pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine while serving?

Don’t Forget The Desert 

While it’s no secret that one of the best things about the dinner is the delicious meal and the fun company of other people, a good desert is a staple of any dinner party. You don’t have to limit yourself to one desert, either. If you have time, making a few different deserts can be a great way to spice up the dinner life.


As long as you plan ahead, it’s easy to pull off a fantastic dinner party that your friends will remember for ages to come. With the very best food, drinks and friendship, you’ll make a night that nobody will forget.