A day-time shopping trip for everything from staples to precious metals. A night-time walk along brightly-lit streets, taking in the scents and tastes of a gourmet night market. If this sounds like your kind of day, then Bangkok’s Chinatown will be your paradise.

A Chinese gate marks the entry point into the vibrant community. Chinatown runs off along Yaowarat road. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. Well-worn shops and a traditional Chinese vibe fill the air. Dozens of signs attract visitors, advertising everything from food to gold. Aside from the traditional tourist havens, Chinatown also has a slew of hotels you can stay at after a long and harried day. Here are 5 of the best accommodations, each offering a unique take.shanghai-mansion-bangkok-4562

  1. Shanghai Mansion. Fancy some time travel? Spend a night in this hotel and visit the China of the 1930s. The hotel is located on Yaowarat Road, less than half an hour’s walking distance from some of the temples in the area.

The unique factor: Velvet drapes, leather sofas, lots of reds, and a layout that mimics old Chinese buildings. The hotel draws you in like a merchant weary after a day’s trade. Visit this hotel in Chinatown Bangkok for a thoroughly immersive experience.bangkok-bangkok-gler-relaxation-area-01-350x250

  1. Centra Central Station Hotel. Chinatown is a rare type of tourist spot. Despite its fame, it has not yet fallen prey to excessive commercialization. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find some sophisticated havens. Centra Central Station is an ultramodern hotel. It is a calm oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the town.

The unique factor: This hotel has Hollywood-worthy looks. It fuses clean design with traditional Asian elements.8677412

  1. Miramar Hotel. Sleek and contemporary, the hotel is a welcome break amidst the more cultural parts of Chinatown. It is less than 15 minutes walk from many of the town’s beautiful temples. The majestic Grand Palace is also just nearby.

The unique factor: Bold swathes of color liven up the hotel’s design. For those returning from a day of cultural excursion, the wide and open feel of the hotel is a welcome element.7066226

  1. Hotel Royal. You haven’t really been to Chinatown if you haven’t visited Wat Phra Kaew — the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Half an hour from this amazing national symbol is the Hotel Royal, a contemporary and upscale tourist haven.

The unique factor: The hotel has all the standard amenities. On top of that, its outdoor pool provides a commanding view of the budding Bangkok skyline.naumi-liora-hotel-singapore

  1. Chinatown Hotel. On a budget? You don’t have to book an expensive hotel to feel at home. The three-star hotel provides all the standard amenities plus a great location at the heart of Chinatown.

The unique factor: The hotel’s cozy restaurant is a perfect place to start your day. Enjoy authentic cuisine as you watch the city come to life around you.

Bangkok’s Chinatown offers a mind-numbing array of sights and sounds, and it’s easy to feel exhausted. Good thing these five hotels provide a place to rest and rejuvenate. Indulge yourself in their unique offerings and have an amazing time in Chinatown.