For as long as can be remembered baseball has been one of America’s favorite, one of the top favorite traditions of all time. But baseball becoming America’s favorite past-time did not happen overnight. It was not just something that happened as a result of natural causes. Getting the word out on the sport and turning it into what it has become today happened because of one great factor, sports marketing. This allows public exposure through team endorsements, as well as the tool used to build a fan base. Sports sponsorship is sort of the same meaning but is geared more towards the companies and products. There are a few different approaches that can be taken to sports marketing. These approaches may include and may not be limited to television promotions, magazine ads as well as social media. All these and more play effective roles in the delivery of marketing.

As stated before there are several different approaches and avenues of sports marketing methods. While one approach may be through television promotions offering a discount on season tickets another method to marketing may be taken in the form of sports sponsorship deals where a certain product brand supports the team in return for the use of their products used during the game, Such an example would be sports equipment such as helmets, bats, and even baseballs and gloves used during the game. Other products may include gum and drinks. Some other approaches to Sports marketing can include magazine articles as well as product advertisements where products such as video games are promoted to increase sales and team fan bases. Advertising can also be helpful when selling tickets to sporting events. There are a ton of sites, besides the team sites that offer cheap tickets or other team goods. Social media and other printable products also allow team promotion and advertisements. Printable goods could include posters, flyers and even brochures while social medias could be posted on the internet via blogs, posts and or videos to a social network platform. All of these forms of advertisement are effective ways to market.

In conclusion, sports marketing as well as sports sponsorship are used in sports to not just increase sales and a fan base but to promote through various types of media and publication in order to effectively get the most out of a certain marketing technique. While marketing deals more with the sales side of the spectrum, sponsoring deals with getting a player to promote products such as sporting equipment by either wearing the equipment on the field or advertising the product via ad or commercial. Sometimes both methods are used. The same goes for other products such as grocery items or anything else that an agent may present to the player. Marketing is effective because of the many avenues that can be used to promote and advertise. Rather through social media, word of mouth, publication or any other form imaginable sports marketing plays a key role in the baseball world.