While the average sports fan has a limited knowledge of sports betting, this phenomenon is often misunderstood by fans and mere common folk alike. Terms such as “handicap,” “handle,” and even “point spread” can be lost amongst the armchair quarterback. But you do not have to be a ‘Vegas jockey to comprehend at least the simplistic terms of this jargon, or even play- that is, if you decide to actually visit Sin City or to utilize a bookie or internet means of gambling.


A teaser bet is a sports betting game where the bettor can fuse the point spread for multiple games, but must win guess the correct spread in all games to win the bet. This type of bet also yields a lower margin of winnings as opposed to other types of sports betting.


No this isn’t’ a “halftime show” for casino games. It is the opposite in terms of what the aforementioned “teaser” bet is in sports betting. This form of betting is basically an “All or nothing type of bet.” For example, an individual may opt to bet that six of six teams will cover the spread. Notice the difference in this type of bet is that all games act as their own entity. The bet has the potential, however, to result in a very high payout, if it is successful.

Point Spreads

In its most primitive form of sports betting, each game that is wagered has “favorite,” and an “underdog.” If the person placing the bet takes the favorite, it is said that he “gives the points,” to the underdog. In this case, the bettor wins if the favorite wins the game itself and has a greater score than the underdog, subtracted from the point spread. Conversely, if the individual takes the underdog, he or she wins if the underdogs point total is more than the favorites score, added to the spread. Notice that the underdog does not have to win the game for the bettor to win the bet. He or she must simply “cover the spread.”

In conclusion, the above should give you a very basic knowledge of sports betting. Caution is to be exercised in any type of gambling, whether it is sports betting, online poker, or casino gambling. But sports betting can be, if used in moderation, a very fun hobby and side income. The key is to keep it just that – a recreational hobby, not a lifestyle.