The world loves to gamble and sports betting is one of the most popular types of gambling across the globe. Once football season opens up in the United States people really begin to start the bets coming, and the payoffs can be grand. One of the biggest things that you need to consider when gambling is whether or not you know the best way to get paid. Some people make simple bets with friends and colleagues, but the big stakes are found in other places that give you the odds. The odds basically tell you the chance that one team has to beat another team. The odds may be 3:1 that the Steelers will beat the Seahawks. That means that if you bet $100.00 on the Steelers and they do win, you will actually get paid back $300.00. That is a good little pay off for one bet. When betting on football, you really need to do a little research into the teams before you put your money down. The NFL is filled with injured players each week, and big changes on a daily basis. Learn all that you can before placing your wagers. The other thing that you may have to worry about is covering the spread. The spread is the amount of points that one team is supposed to be another team by. Let’s say that you take LSU to beat Notre Dame, and the spread is 20 points. That means that if you bet on LSU than they will have to beat Notre Dame by 20 or more points in order for you to win. The spread can be a real deal breakers sometimes, and that is why every point counts so much in both college and the NFL. The last major thing about gambling is to make sure that you trust the people that you are gambling with. It is always best to bet with a legal operation, so do all that you can to follow the rules of the country in regards to gambling. Whether you are betting on the NFL or the college football scene, you will definitely love rolling the dice for every game.