Kuala Lumpur is a wondrous place, full of marvellous boutiques and fine restaurants. There are many places to go for an excellent view, and the place is exceptionally diverse — though still traveler-friendly. It is both international and exotic, while few other cities harbor so many thriving ethnic and religious groups.
Kuala Lumpur boasts an excellent public transportation system. There is a public bus, a light rail transit, railways, and numerous taxis. Make the drivers use the meter system, and you will find taxi the most comfortable conveyance, though the light rail transit may be the easiest means of transport.as its routes connect all the major suburbs and districts. Keep an ETS timetable handy and a KTM komuter schedule, and you will be all set. To get updates on theKTM komuter schedule, go to kltransit.my.

In Chinatown and Little India, use cash. Large department stores, international restaurants, and many upscale boutiques accept credit cards. ATMs are not hard to find, but moneychangers offer better prices. If you use an ATM, avoid busy places, and do not do your business at night. A bank is safer, but take care that no one follows you. Keeping your money in your shoes is a good idea.
Thieves on foot or on motorcycles are common, not to mention pickpockets. They like to grab bags and anything flashy (including wedding rings) and make away with the loot. By using a bag that closes securely and keeping your valuables in safes or on your person, you should elude their coils.
In a place so eclectic as Kuala Lumpur, people tolerate foreign rules and etiquette more easily — provided you do not wear shoes in their temples or homes. They also frown on public displays of affection. Another noteworthy cultural item is that tipping at restaurants is not routine. In addition, monks stand at railways offering golden circles to passersby, but to accept one is to volunteer a donation.

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place and very diverse. It is easy to navigate in a variety of different ways, and money should be no problem. With a little care, theft will be no issue, and the culture is highly tolerant of foreigners.