In today’s digital age, any modern company will know the importance of having constant communication with their customers and Social Media Marketing does just that. Consequently, when it comes to Social Media Marketing, these 2 websites always come to mind first – Facebook and Twitter.

Take for example our client, QNET, an e-commerce based  network marketing with a 10-year old history. The company takes Social Media Marketing very seriously and have deployed a blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter to keep in touch with their 5 million members worldwide.

The QNET blog is constantly updated by the editorial team in Bangkok with corporate news, events like contests and promotions, and  product updates. Snippets of the blog posts are then posted on the official QNET Twitter page – Twitter is a microblogging site that lets you write up to 140 characters.

The company has also put in significant effort on their official QNET Facebook fan page, which currently has a respectable 19,885 fans. Of course Facebook allows more flexibility and you can see that the company has uploaded photos and videos, in addition to status updates on their wall. There’s even a discussion area that allows members to interact with one another.

Judging by the number of likes and comments to the updates in Facebook, one can easily conclude that QNET has quite successfully engaged with their fans/members – it’s common to see a typical status update having more than 100 likes and up to 50 comments.

Now, before you try to follow QNET’s footsteps and deploy a Social Media Marketing strategy for your company, it’s important to note that you should have FREQUENT updates and CONSTANT interactions. Do not have long lapses in your blog posts or not respond to comments in your Facebook fan page. Like other marketing methods, whether online or traditional, there has to be proper planning, a responsible party to overlook the department and constant effort. The good news is that if implemented properly, it can help build customer loyalty, business retention and promote positive word-of-mouth.