Buying property in Singapore can be a stressful affair. Particularly, if you are new to Singapore. With so many decisions to make about the various properties available in Singapore, you will need an expert’s guidance. Here are a few tips to help you with your decision making process.
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Decide What You Want


Do you want an apartment or Condominium in Singapore? The first thing you need to do before looking for something to buy is decide what you would want or wouldn’t want in your ideal home. This will help you narrow your searches and make the search process easier and faster.

Property Research


There are many ways for researching for properties available for sale in Singapore. One, you can opt to use a realtor. They will benefit you with their wide knowledge on Singapore’s property market. However, if you choose to use their services. You should be willing to part with some money to cater for their service fee. Another way of hunting for property is through online searches. There are so many resources online that can help you identify properties that are currently on sale. Most of these property websites offer their services for free. Therefore, they save you on realtor service costs.



After you have found the ideal property, viewed and inspected it, it’s now time to access whether you can afford it. First, determine whether the property’s price matches its value. If the property is worth the asking price, determine whether you can afford it. You need to determine the source of financing for buying the property at hand. If you plan on purchasing the property on a loan, there are various types of loans you can choose from.


You can choose to take a bank loan or buy HDB(Housing and Development Board Loan). They offer many options for property purchase. Whether you need a built to order property, resale property or property that is currently under construction, the bank or HBD will come through for you.

Legal-AgreementLegal Considerations


Before closing the sale, it is important that you get yourself a reliable lawyer. Your lawyer will advise you accordingly on the transfers and the amount that you need to pay before the transfer. They will also ensure that the property is rightfully transferred to you.