The score that you receive on your GMAT test can have a huge impact on your future. While it represents only one aspect of the entrance material that is required in order to enter a leading business school, it certainly can be the deciding factor when it comes to getting into the the top school of your choice. Where the raw numbers are concerned, a study conducted by Kaplan University reports that 55 percent of business schools surveyed cited GMAT scores as a the most important factor when it comes to considering new candidates.


Invest Wisely

Due to these facts, it is important to spend a considerable amount of time preparing for this test. When students commit to taking the GMAT, there are a wealth of options for choosing GMAT test prep materials. These choices include online materials and live courses as well. In order to make the most of your time, it is important to understand which prep offerings and what approaches give you the most advantages when it comes to doing well.


Where to Focus

All of the experts agree that when it comes to preparing for this exam, personalized attention is by far a leading method. The questions and prep material should not be a one-size-fits-all package. Instead, students should focus on questions and testing material that focuses on their weaknesses in order to improve their total scores. There is testing software and specialized programs that can analyze students taking sample tests in order to determine their weaknesses.


Gmat Infographic



The Main Contenders

Kaplan offers some extremely beneficial test-prep courses and materials to students that actually come with a guarantee for improvement. Because their prep materials take the approaches outlined above, they are willing to give a full refund to their students if scores on the GMAT do not improve. The only limitation to this material is a required score of 600 points or more on previous GMAT testing. Still, there are many resources that they make available to students:
Sample tests
– Live courses
– Instruction via webcam


An Expanding Market

Knewton has also been hailed as a leading company for testing materials. Their courses are strictly offered online. However, the material is broken into full-length courses that come with the assistance of live video. In terms of the types of sample questions being offered to students, the most valuable aspect of this coursework is the adaptive-learning software. Knewton also has plans to extend the materials that they offer, opening limited workshops to students in some areas of the country in which specific skills required for the exam are addressed.