Taking the SAT is often the first step for entering American colleges and universities. For many academic institutions, this is the primary entrance exam required, and student scores weighing heavily on their potential acceptance. Because of this, SAT preparation is very important for students’ futures and overall success.


Test Taking Tips – Scoring

The scoring of the SAT is slightly unorthodox. Correct answers earn the test taker points, at a rate of one point per answer; however, incorrect answers result in the subtraction of one-quarter point. This means that four wrong answers can negate one correct answer. Questions left blank of unanswered result in zero points, neither gain nor loss from the overall score. This means that guessing is essentially punished, but if students can narrow down the potential answers from four to two, then it may be worth making educated guesses on some test items.


Ways to Prepare for the SAT

Taking the SAT is a serious venture likely to have an impact on students’ lives through college and into their working lives, because it determines which and what sort of school might accept them into their ranks. Preparation is important. If possible, enrolling in a high quality preparatory course (http://sats-zone.sg/courses/group-course) is recommended. Other options include online preparation courses, practice tests, tutors, and books on test taking strategies and taking the SAT specifically. For students who have friends testing at the same time or close to it, group study can be helpful for preparation and for calming anxiety.


Second Chances

Although it can be expensive and time-consuming to do so, taking the SAT more than once, especially following a lackluster score, is another possibility. To take advantage of this, students should test early instead of waiting until their final test-taking opportunity. If the score is not suitable, then they should try testing at a later date after they have had time to prepare more thoroughly.

Final Words

Students taking the SAT should consider getting a good night’s sleep prior to testing, and if possible, eating a nutritional sound breakfast. These factors can influence their testing ability and performance. Cramming the night before will not likely improve scores. Long-term preparation and practice is far superior for learning and retaining information needed to succeed when taking the SAT.


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