We have all met a true book lover. They have been called geeks, bookworms and librarians. They may or may not be some of those things, but they are special people who truly understand the unique world we live in through the books they read. It doesn’t usually matter if it’s fiction, non-fictions, history or fantasy. They read for the pleasure and experience that comes from delving into a different world. If your partner or mate is a book lover, here are some romantic ways to express your feelings to your book lover.


Men ReadSearch for the Perfect Book

If you have a strong bond with your partner, you should have some sense of what types of books warm their heart. Talk to them about the books they read and what moves them. Go through their bookshelves and find out what they like to read about. When you have done your research, you can go out and find a book that shows you understand how much their hobby means to them. Nothing tickles the heart more than affirmation.


Act the Part

If your partner has a book they have read that would be considered romantic, you can invest the time to read the book as well and find one of the most romantic episodes. It’s time to become a movie director and do your very best to reenact the scene. You can try and create the ambiance, the mood and the landscape just like it was written in the book. If your partner ends up a bit perplexed as to what you are up too, a little hint may clear up the confusion. Just have the book sitting close by.


Share the Passion

If you partner loves books, you can make a effort to take up the hobby as well. Ask if they wouldn’t mind letting you read particular books after they have finished and then try and engage them in a meaningful conversation about the storyline or moral of the books. A shared passion is always a great way to create an intimate bond.


reading together



A Romantic Evening

You can plan the perfect romantic evening. You start with cocktails at a quaint little bar. After cocktails, you can take your partner to a very romantic dining spot and enjoy a good meal and conversation. After dinner, a stroll along the street that leads to a bookstore and a hour of browsing the shelves is always the perfect way to end an evening for a book lover. Of course, the evening may just be beginning.


evening reading



Simple But Effective

Nothing can be more romantic than a simple gesture of love. The next time your partner is going through a rough stretch or had a bad day at the office, you will find that a gift certificate to their favorite bookstore or a paid membership to a book club will ease their frustration and draw a light straight to the relationship.


Reading Together 2


Write About It

When all else fails, you should take the time to put your feelings in writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a poem, short story, love letter or just a note. Book lovers love to read anything. If you put your feelings down in writing, they must be true and you can’t take them back. For book lovers, that’s the reward. If it’s in writing, it exists forever.

Rawr means i love A book is a work of art. For book lovers, they want to experience the world of the artist. Just say I love you through a good book. you in dinasour

A book is a work of art. For book lovers, they want to experience the world of the artist. Just say I love you through a good book.