Due to the economic downturn, it is more advantageous to have your own business. With monthly bills and expenses rising, it is hard to keep up if you are only depending on your monthly income. There are many work at home opportunities you can try just so that you can balance your monthly expenses.

Here are some online business opportunities you can do:

•  Apparel –  Since many people have two jobs and children to take care of, you can open an online shopping mall where you can post photos of the clothes you are selling. Most people do their shopping via the internet since it can be done at home without spending time travelling. It is also more convenient for people since they do not have to go through every store and clothing rack one by one, with just one click, they can preview the clothes they want to buy.

•  Health products – The generation of baby boomers is the one being followed by investors. Since they are now in their 60s-70s, they are becoming health/appearance conscious. That is why many health products have popped out. It is a very good investment since people have started to change their lifestyle to a healthier one.
•  Vacation packages. Due to pressure and stress, many people want to have a weekend getaway. If you are fond of vacations and know every detail to it, then you can turn your hobby to money. You just have to check airfares, hotels, resorts, for promos so that you can avail them ahead of time. Most tourists want to purchase a package deal rather than spend many hours to figure out where to go, how to go there, where to stay, etc. If they see that you have a very good package, they will purchase it right away.

•  Services. You can offer your services such as writing. Most online businesses need writers for their promotion. If you have writing and research skills, then this part time job is for you. All you need to do is write well, and you get paid for it.
In starting your online business, you can check Questnet, a network marketing company that can help you promote your business. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to earn an extra income from the comfort of their own home?