Singapore is a popular tourist destination with some of the finest restaurants. Those looking out to enjoy a sumptuous Italian meal can visit one of the excellently run and managed Italian restaurants in Singapore. Mentioned below are some of the finest Italian restaurants in Singapore.

Alforno Italian Restaurant

This restaurant commenced operations in 1995 and is located in the East Coast of Singapore. The restaurant imports fresh Italian ingredients such as cheeses and whole peeled tomatoes directly from Italy. At the Alforno restaurant one can enjoy a nice casual dinner in a festive and warm ambience. Discover a wide variety of freshly made and handmade Italian dishes that are prepared to perfection only at Alforno Italian Restaurant.

While at this restaurant, clients can expect to get undivided attention from the staff, from taking your restaurant reservations to walking you out once you finish your meal. The Italian chefs take time to prepare meals to perfection. You can be sure of enjoying every single bite of food that has been prepared at Alforno restaurant. The food is prepared using the ancient Italian wood fire kind of oven that is commonly referred to as Alforno. This ensures that the fresh bread and Pizzas made have the finest taste.

Some of the common house specialties found at the Alforno restaurant include: Pizza calzone, Frittura di Pesce and Spaghetti Vongole. Clients have been known to enjoy some of the finest handmade pizzas and pasta dishes that are baked with the traditional oven. However, after tasting the Spaghetti Cartoccio, your experience will be complete.

Bice Italian restaurant

The Bice restaurant is located on five thousand square feet spaces which gives it adequate space for clients to enjoy. While approaching the restaurant, there is a beautiful glassed view with very clean white kind of tables and fairy lights. The area appears very sophisticated and matches the interior d├ęcor of the restaurant. Some of the finest modern furniture made of oak and leather can be spotted in this restaurant.

When it comes to the food served at Bice Italian restaurant, the names of the dishes are very long and sound completely Italian. You will notice the presentation of the food has got a traditional touch. Some of the popular Italian cuisines served at this restaurant include the Prosciutto e melone that is well arranged using freshly cut melons that forms the base of the food. On top of the melons are thin ham layers that increase on the saltiness. The Panna Cotta and Tagliolini are also some of the popular Italian dishes served at this Singapore restaurant.

Generally speaking, most of the Italian restaurants are well organized and have very smart and dedicated staff. The food is served promptly with a warm beautiful smile. You can expect nothing short of high quality service from Singapore restaurants.