Whether you’re travelling overseas for leisure or business, you always want your trip to go well. None of us wants anything bad to happen. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and eventualities exist all around.

With reports of tourist muggings all around the world, and worse, incidences of terrorism in recent years, you have to expect the best, but prepare for the worst. In December of 2016 alone, Wikipedia reported more than 150 terrorist attacks all over the world, with one of the most well known being an attack on a Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany. Therefore, insuring yourself when you travel has now become a necessity, rather than just an optional luxury.

If you remain unconvinced, here are more reasons you should purchase a travel insurance policy for yourself, wherever in the world your want to go:1

It Covers Lost Baggage  Imagine waiting near the baggage carousel anxiously and with bated breath for your things to show up, and horror or horrors, they never do; and you’re stuck, surviving on whatever you have on your carry-on bag. You don’t have to worry, as the insurance hotline will help in locating your luggage, or reimburse you if it cannot be located. Travel insurance policies also cover luggage that has been damaged or tampered with. In 2014, SITA, a baggage tracer system found that  24.1 million luggage were lost, which represented about 7.3 bags per 1000 passengers. That’s really pretty high, all things considered.2

It Covers Medical Attention  Travel insurance covers instances if you fall sick or have an accident and need medical attention. The amount covered may vary from one policy to another, but in general, you’ll find that you’ll either be reimbursed for any medical fees you incur on your trip.3

It Covers Disruptions to Your Trip  In the event of a delayed or cancelled flight, you’ll be compensated or have a new flight ticket arranged, so that you arrive at your destination in the end. It also covers delays due to rerouting of your flight, or a cancelled ticket due to overbooking of a flight. If you are unable to make it to your flight for solid unavoidable reasons, such as an illness or family emergency, you will also be compensated provided you can prove that your reasons are unavoidable.Paramedics unloading patient from Medevac

It Covers Emergency Evacuation  If it so happens that your destination is overcome by a natural disaster or a man made act of terrorism, and you have to be evacuated immediately, the travel insurance will cover any flight costs incurred. In the unfortunate event of demise, this insurance will cover the transport of your remains back to your home country. In the event that you need to be hospitalized for longer than a few days, you can even sponsor a family member to come and visit you, with all flight costs covered.5

It Covers Theft and Fraud  If you are robbed on your trip and lose you passport, you can be sure that the cost of obtaining a replacement passport, plane ticket and other personal documents will be taken care of, and you will also be given a sum to compensate for the loss of any money and items stolen from you. In the event that you are cheated by your travel agency, or for some reason they cannot function any more, and you are left high and dry in your destination, you can also claim for a recompense.

With all these financial cover, you can travel with more ease of mind. As an alternative to buying a standalone insurance policy, you can also use a credit card with travel insurance coverage, just like OCBC’s World Mastercard, which gives you travel accident insurance as long as you charge your flight costs to it.