There are a number of different causes of back pain and spine pain. These symptoms are a very common reason why many people seek medical assistance. At one time or another, approximately eighty percent of the adult population is going to experience back and spine pain. As it affects people of all ages, gender and race, this has become one of the world’s biggest health concerns at this time. Luckily, a number of diagnostic tools and spine treatment options are now available to help people suffering.


Different Variations

visit spine treatment if back painDepending on the source of the pain and how often it occurs, this can give medical professionals a good idea of what the actual problem is. Some pain can be due to a medical disease while others are because of an injury. Pain can present itself in the spinal region as sharp sensations, a constant throbbing or a dull sensation that comes and goes with or without activity. Pain in the spinal region can radiate into other parts of the body such as the arms, the legs, the buttocks and the feet. Weakness and numbness are also common.

Red Flags

While many people can go about their daily lives and functional with spinal pain, there are a number of indications that can occur which present themselves as red flags that medical attention is necessary in a timely manner. For example, changes in bowel or bladder habits and extreme weakness can be an indication that something more severe is going on.

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There are many reasons why pain down your spine can occur. Very often, muscle strain and spasms are the reason. However, poor posture, awkward bending and moving the wrong way can cause issues. There are also instances where an injury takes place such as whiplash, and this is the immediate cause. Spinal stenosis is a common issue that occurs when neural passages in the spine narrow and entrap nerve roots, causing pain.

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While back and spinal pain can be both acute and chronic, a person should never have to live with an issue that is preventing them from being able to enjoy life and get things done. You can visit for more information on spinal pain and how you can seek treatment for this condition. Before long you will back to enjoying your life and moving about freely.