As a parent of a preschooler or kindergarten student, it’s exciting being able to see the world through your child’s eyes, in addition to feet and hands, as they set out to explore and learn the ways of the world. Since you are your child’s first teacher, it’s important to teach them the basics of reading, writing and math. Providing a stable foundation early on in math is vital for their academic success in the future. Given the emphasis placed on mathematics in elementary schools today, children benefit immensely if they get a head start beforehand. There are many different math for kids activities you can implement and have fun while helping your little one.

prepare your child for kindergarten in Kuala Lumpu

Games and Activities

Children learn by observing and asking questions. By watching and mimicking you, they are able to master basic math skills such as counting. For example, begin by using different types of food to count at snack time; grapes, baby carrots or raisins. You can begin with very simplistic addition and subtraction up to five. Another great way to teach addition and subtraction is using small blocks or toys. Having them put each one after another in a container and count out loud reinforces what they are learning. Remember, children learn by repetition.


In addition to basic addition and subtraction facts, you can prepare your child for kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur by teaching them the names of basic shapes. When baking a batch of your favorite cookies, you use different shapes of cookie cutters to teach geometric shapes. You can also have your child arrange those same cookie cutters in a specific pattern such as circle, star, circle, star.


Another great skill you can teach your eager beaver is measurement. By allowing them help measure the ingredients, they will master basic units of measure. Another fun math activity children love is keeping track of how tall they are. Use a yardstick to measure their height and show them how to mark it on a growth chart. Whether your child is in preschool, kindergarten or homeschooled, teaching basic math skills at an early age will help to kick start your children’s educationinto high gear.