Lymph glands and nodes are critical components of the human body, often capturing and helping the body clean out infections. This is why they get swollen at times when a person is sick with virus or bacteria. Unfortunately, swollen lymph glands can be extremely painful and occur in some of the worst places – under the arms, the neck, the groin area and similar.

One method of keeping the body healthy involves insuring proper lymph flow. However, unlike the name seems to imply, a lymphatic drainage massage does not require any great pressure, pain, hard poking or similar. Instead, a delicate, simple contact can actually trigger a lymph flow and drainage. With one hour of light touch in the correct, critical spots, a lymph massage can be complete. Patients and clients may feel at first nothing has occurred, but the benefits begin to appear after the second or third massage. These include:

✚ Reduction in cellulite production ✚ a lymph drain massage realized on a regular basis can help improve drainage which also helps fight the production cellulite. This is due to freeing up drainage in the feet lymph vessels. Absent the help, the body allows toxins to build up in the legs, creating harder and harder fat deposits. This process can be put into reverse with three months of lymphatic drainage massaging.

✚ A relief from swollen feet ✚  Gravity tends to cause feet swelling when lymph flow is reduced or blocked. This can occur even more with swelling, which creates a vicious cycle. However, by activating drainage vessels can be inundated again with lymph flow which then helps reduce extremity swelling.


Self Lymph Drainage Massage by Massage


✚ Dealing with PMS symptoms and pregnancy effects ✚ There can be benefits in swelling reduction, depending on when lymph flow is triggered. For pregnant patients, liquid retention can cause vessels to contract, so lymph flow works best in the third trimester versus early on (see also: The Benefits of Shiatsu Massage for Pregnancy). For PMS symptoms a lymphatic massage has its best positive effects right after the menstrual cycle ends.

✚ Scar healing ✚ Increase lymph flow can help with scar healing, helping reduce dramatic erratic healing in skin and tissue.

✚ Acne ✚ Clearly, acne is a result of skin irritation to such a level that small infections occur. These manifest as pimples, boils, and swollen tissue. Lymph flow can help reduce inflammation and increase the skin’s ability to heal itself, reducing the symptoms of acne as a result.

✚ Post-surgery recovery ✚  The body goes through quite a bit of shock when a surgery occurs, and healing can be complicated when blood flow and organ shock cause problems. Lymph drainage can restore circulation to proper rhythm as well as help cells repair the body faster.

So if you’re advised a lymphatic drainage massage treatment, don’t be worried that it may involve so sort of invasive procedure. It doesn’t, and the process can help increase the normal balance of the body. The best in healing touch lymphatic massage can be realized quickly within a few weeks of treatment, and your body will appreciate the extra lymph flow help.