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Malaysia is one of the fastest growing nations in Asia today. That is why a lot of people are flocking into the country to seek greener pastures. Apart from high-paying and professional jobs, there are a lot of job vacancies in the country for other job seekers like construction jobs.


Malaysia, despite its economic success over the past few years, it has remained as one of the most affordable Asian countries to work and live in. This is because of its laid back life and most of the provinces in the country are rural areas.


The average salary of a construction worker in Malaysia ranges from 2,400 to 6,288 MYR ($601.46 – $1576.87). However, while most construction companies offer free board and lodging for their employees, there are still those who do not. The typical working hours is about 8 hours a day and overtime is paid.


Cost Of Living In Malaysia


  1. Accommodation


For accommodations, the average monthly rent for one room in the city center is 1596.61 MYR ($398.91). However, rooms in areas far from the city are cheaper at 889.82 MYR ($222.32). For bigger rooms like apartments, of course, the price increases too. If you want to save a lot of money, you can ask a colleague or a friend to share a room with you. In this way, you can split up the rent and utilities.


  1. Food


Malaysia offers Asian delicacies at a very affordable price. A typical meal in a restaurant in the country is priced at an average 9 MYR ($2.25). Meanwhile, an average McDonald meal costs 12 MYR ($3). A bottle of water costs about 1.35 MYR ($0.34). Eggs cost about 5.12 MYR ($1.28) per dozen and chicken costs about 12 MYR ($3) per kilogram. To save a lot of money on food, you can chip in with your co-workers and just cook at home. You can also bring your own food to work so you won’t spend a hefty amount of money on restaurant food.

Utilities (1)

  1. Utilities


For utilities, they’re quite affordable too. Basic utilities such as electricity, water, and the heater may cost about 182.34 MYR ($45.56). An internet connection of about 10mbps speed costs 161.77 MYR ($40.42) per month. If you are living with others, you can divide the costs of utilities depending on how many you are living in the apartment or room.


  1. Transportation


If you’re living far from your workplace, transportation is quite cheap in Malaysia. Apart from that, you can choose from a wide range of transportation vehicles. The most inexpensive means to travel is through a local transport or a train. A one-month-pass cost about 100 MYR ($24.98). A one-way ticket costs about 2 MYR ($0.50). However, it’s better to find an apartment or accommodation near your work area so you can just walk to work.


  1. Leisure


There are many leisure and recreational activities you can do in Malaysia regardless if you have ample money or not. Malaysia is rich in natural and beautiful sceneries you can visit without spending too much. This is because Malaysia is rich in amazing sceneries as it has now become one of the top destinations in Asia.


Working in another place for greener pastures is hard. However, if you know how to make ends meet by being wise in budgeting and spending, you will surely have a good time in Malaysia. The cost of living in this country is affordable especially for people engaged in construction jobs who receive minimum salaries. Being cost-effective and wise in spending will help you earn and save your money for the future.