league-of-legendsCreep Score

Although you may be driven to be the best mid lane player from North America that the world has ever seen, you will never achieve your goals if you can’t farm correctly. Farm, sometimes referred to as ‘cs’ing’, is when you focus on getting the killing blow on the minion waves throughout the game. Landing these last hits will gain you gold, faster experience, and provide the strategic edge to dominate your opponent in lane.

One way to get better at your farming ability is by starting a custom game with no one playing against you. Your main focus for the first 10 minutes should be as many last hits as you can manage. A good rule of thumb is to have between 90 and 100 last hits by the 10 minute mark of the game. This will give you a strong lane presence when you decide to take your skills to the ranked bracket.


One of the key elements to League of Legends is your ability to help other teammates perform well in their respective lanes. Without helping your teammates make the plays they need to excel forward and make item purchases, your team falls apart and becomes clustered. You want to avoid having 1-2 strong players on your team while the rest of your members suffer from jungle ganks and roaming support players.

A good framework to follow is to push up your creep wave to the enemy’s turret and start to look at different areas on the map. If you notice that another teammate is having trouble in their lane, start to roam from your lane over to theirs in order to look for a gank. While the enemy has the creep wave pushed under their turret, they’re obligated to kill the minions or suffer from critical turret damage. They’re forced to make an ultimatum or sacrifice falling behind on other areas of the map.

However, this is not an excuse to force ganks on other lanes and feed (giving your opponents kills) the opponents experience and gold. Not only will this cause the enemy team to grow stronger in their item builds, it will also cause your teammates to grow angry and act irrationally. Always look for ganks as the enemy champions are pushed towards your turret for optimal success and teamwork.

Control Objectives

The last tip is the ability to control objectives on the map. Even if your team falls behind in kills, you can capture objectives in order to put yourself back in the game. Located below is a list of objectives and their spawn times.

  • Dragon: Spawns at 2:30 and respawns every 6 minutes after the initial kill
  • Baron Nashor: Spawns at 20:00 and respawns every 7 minutes after the kill
  • Blue Buff: Spawns at 1:55 and respawns every 5:00
  • Red Buff: Spawns at 1:55 and respawns every 5:00