My Whirlwind Landing In Kuala Lumpur 

My first few days in Kuala Lumpur were exciting and overwhelming. This is a fast paced city with all the color, lights and smells that make the senses come alive.

A solo traveler by nature, I usually don’t make a lot of plans or take a lot of time mapping out the things I want to see. I like to go with the flow. The Kuala Lumpur flow is unique and memorable.
I found a hotel in Selayang area called KIP Hotel. My credit card loved staying in this nice hotel, my bank account not so much because of all the time I spent at the mall.

I had shopped till I was spent and now had many things to ship home unexpectedly. It is easy to say, I got all my holiday shopping done in two days in June.

There were so many sights and sounds and spent the first few nights wandering the roads and seeing the sights. I happened on to a roof top bar, dance club, and chill out zone and had some drinks. There was a group of people celebrating a birthday and having a great time.

I bought them a bottle of tequila and walked over singing happy birthday in English, they laughed. That night we finished that bottle of tequila and one more. I found the people in Kuala Lumpur up for excitement and very funny. Most of the people in the birthday party wanted to talk about American politics. I mostly nodded and agreed to keep from starting an argument. My mother taught me not to talk about religion and politics when traveling unless you are traveling to the Vatican with the President.

Batu Caves
After some tequila induced sleep, I woke in search of adventure. The front desk clerk was adamant that I try to make the Batu Caves. I got directions and when I arrived, I was brought to tears at the beauty of the golden statue standing guard over the entrance.

This was a giant and stood out from the lush greenery and the sheer height of the mountains around them. This golden goddess stood out against the green mountains and was keeping guard over the stairway to the top.
The ancient Hindu art found from top to bottom of the Batu Caves transported me back to an ancient time of spirit and meditation.
From there I found my way, by accident, to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park and was amazed at how peaceful and clean it was. As a photographer, I was in my element for hours. The handy guide to birds in the park made it easy to identify and understand what I was seeing and hearing.