When it comes to choosing the right model of vacuum cleaners, consumers can often be confused as to which features will suit their needs. In the line of products from Roomba, there are several different models of machines to choose from. When considering purchasing one of these robotic vacuum cleaners it can be helpful to read some of the online reviews. The reviews about the Roomba 780 will inform consumers about the type of features this model has as well as its ability to clean various surfaces.


Irobot Roomba 780 Review

iRobot 790 with modern remote control

iRobot 790 with modern remote control



The Roomba 780 from iRobot is designed with a technology that allows the machine to detect different levels of dirt. This technology helps the machine to clean entire carpets better by having it concentrate more of its cleaning power on the areas that have more dirt. The reviews about this particular model indicate the machine does do a good job at deep cleaning and is also good at covering the entire room. This model can also go underneath furniture to clean hard to reach areas. Other positive features indicated in reviews include the machines large capacity dirt bin and its long operating time.

Another model in the line of products available from iRobot is the Roomba 560. This machine comes with a filtration system designed to hold small particles to prevent them from being thrown back into the air. This feature makes the machine good for people who have allergies or sensitivities to dust and pollen. The reviews for this model indicate the machine operates in a quiet manner and does not get stuck or tangled up in area rugs. The Roomba 560 can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including hardwood floors and floors covered in vinyl. This machine picks up the dimensions of a room quickly and can also move underneath furniture to clean those areas of the floor.


Consumers shopping for a robotic cleaner will also find the reviews helpful for providing information about the downside to some of these machines. The different vacuums come with different sized bins which might need to be emptied more frequently. Some models may have a tendency to get stuck in corners or underneath low pieces of furniture. A robotic cleaner is also not designed to clean carpeting on steps. For the most part, these vacuums are easy to operate by simply pushing a button, eliminating the need to pull or push the machine around.

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