An international school offers certain distinct advantages over a local public or private school. In a world that has become increasingly global, it is important to give students an international worldview during their education years. The POWIIS International School in Malaysia provides a high quality academic experience for students of all backgrounds.

Language arts, or the study of English, is paramount in the world today. As the premiere language of business, English should be mastered and practiced at an early age. An international school typically provides instruction in English as its dominant tongue or as a secondary language. In either case students will learn to speak it correctly, often taught by native or fluent instructors. Writing and speaking skills typically accompany the study of English so that international school graduates are often recruited to work for major companies around the world.

Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS)

Math skills, including algebra and geometry, are life-long skills that will be in demand for a variety of careers. International schools frequently hire expert instructors and tutors with business or government experience. Curricula prepare students for the rigors of college entrance exams and engineering careers. Students can learn to appreciate math through a multicultural perspective rather than through the lens of a local or national medium.

Quality science instruction is another valuable component of international school training. Cutting edge labs and textbooks, knowledgeable faculty, and research opportunities and support are common aspects of top ranking international schools. Student inquiry and investigation are considered instrumental facets of the classroom and laboratory learning process.

Because international school administrators typically stay in tune with world events and work with families from different countries and stations in life, they can orchestrate a meaningful academic program that will benefit students from every background. From curricular planning to extracurricular activities, faculty hiring, honors programs, and college preparation, an international school can provide special advantages to students looking for a competitive edge.