TA glucose device, also known as a glucometer or glucose meter, is a medical device for personal use that determines glucose concentration in the blood. It can easily be purchased online or at any major pharmacy. However, many people still don’t have one despite the benefits. Here are the seven best reasons to invest in a glucose device that will persuade many people to have one:1

  1. Prevents diabetes A consistent, daily monitoring of blood sugar level could help prevent diabetes by taking the necessary precautions as soon as possible. This is important for people diagnosed with pre-diabetes.2
  2. Gauges the effects of foods Some foods have the potential to spike one’s blood sugar level and this varies from person to person. A glucose device helps to gauge the effects of certain foods.3
  3. Controls diseases A glucose device can help in controlling diseases and damages caused by high blood sugar, like damaged organs, blood vessels, or nerves.4
  4. Helps users to stick with their diet Those who need to keep their blood sugar levels under control are often placed on a strict diet which bans them from consuming any food that’ll spike the glucose levels. A glucose device will come in handy to keep it under control.Concept of businessman choosing the right door
  5. Remind users make the best decision Without proper and constant monitoring, one may slip off the radar and do something that may endanger one’s health. With a glucose device, it will at least remind its users to make the best decision for their own benefit.6
  6. More comfort and convenience It’s such a hassle to visit a health center on a regular basis just to check one’s blood sugar levels as it takes a lot of time, money and effort. A glucose device allows for daily self-check up at home or anywhere the user is, and he or she can easily use it conveniently at any time. Plus, it’s pain-free and very easy to use.7
  7. Makes for a long-term investment Each visit to a health center could set one back at least RM60-RM200 for consultation, use of device, and medicine, while a pharmacy or store-bought glucose device would only cost one about RM20-RM200. Without the instrument, one can expect to spend more than the cost of one-time purchase of glucose device.

Prior to getting one, a proper research on how the device functions and how it should be used must be done to make the most of the investment. A consultation with a medical provider or health professional is recommended to ensure the device truly helps in monitoring one’s sugar levels on a daily basis.