Homeowners who vacation for the summer might consider renting out their own home during that time. It can help to offset their own vacation expenses.

Determine if the area will be appealing to tourists. Not every area has enough attractions to bring in tourists who’ll want to pay for a rental home. A desirable home is one near a lake or the beach for renters to easily access the water for fishing or boating. Another type of location might be near landmarks or other family destinations like Disney World.

Homes will need more than a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Tourists will want amenities otherwise they could go to a hotel. If the home has high-speed internet, a whirlpool tub or a pool, these are attractive amenities that will bring in tenants.

To prepare the home for renters, it’s essential that everything in the house is working properly. It must be thoroughly cleaned, too. There can be no broken items like leaky faucets or faulty plumbing. A thorough cleaning would mean making sure small details like dusty blinds are taken care of before renting. The backyard and the pool should be cleaned and presentable for renters.

This is the time to make upgrades to the property that have perhaps been put on the back burner.

After making sure everything is cleaned and repaired, the rental home is ready for professional quality pictures. The inside should be showcased in the best light. Dark, dreary pictures will not bring in renters. If there are beautiful views from an outdoor deck, the pictures should display that, too. It will help when describing the property and the amenities if there are photos to illustrate.

Before renting out a home to vacationers, the homeowner should have rental contracts drawn up by a professional. The home should have various instructions for the renters like where to put the garbage or where to find extra towels.

Some homeowners will have a system for providing tenants with keys. If the homeowner will meet the renters, they can just present them with keys and instructions. Others will hire a rental company to take care of the details of renting the property.

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