Treating yourself to a facial mask on a regular basis is an important part of your skin care regime. These types of applications provide intensive deep treatment that addresses your particular skin care concerns while promoting relaxation and a healthy glow. Now matter where you are in terms of age and skin condition, chances are excellent that the perfect mask exists to suit your unique profile. Oily, dry, dull or sun-damaged, your face is bound to benefit from the frequent application of a nourishing mask.(1)


Kinds of Masks

Facial products are designed for different skin types, and selecting the best face mask for your skin is critical to getting the best results possible. The most popular kinds of treatments include:

• Clay/mud
• Hydrating
• Firming/anti-aging
• Detox/purification




Clay Treatments

Clay makes a great face mask for overly oily skin. The clay shrinks as it begins to dry, drawing out excess oil and dirt, exfoliating and opening your clogged pores to prevent blemishes. (2) Different kinds of clay provide slightly different benefits, so select the most appropriate for you to optimize your results. The most common cosmetic clays include:

• Hypoallergenic white clay containing kaolin, an oil absorbent
• Yellow kaolin clay for absorbing oil, exfoliating and cleansing sensitive skin
• Rose clay for improved circulation, gentle cleansing and exfoliation (3)

To get the best effect from a clay facial mask, rinse it off before it is completely dry. Otherwise, it may draw moisture away from your skin.



Hydrating Treatments

The best mask type for dry and/or aging skin, a hydrating treatment contains ingredients that soften, restore and replenish depleted cells. From hyaluronic acid to mayonnaise, hydrating ingredients leave your face smoother, more supple and healthier. (4)



Masks for Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin

A firming-up mask may be your best bet if you are starting to see some creasing and wrinkles. For ultimate results, try an overnight mask treatment that taps into your body’s tendency to regenerate during your down time. (5) The overnighters are designed to penetrate into your skin, so they don’t stain your bed linens. With natural ingredients that range from egg white to essential oils, these skin tighteners are easy to fit into your busy schedule too.




Detox and Blemish Prevention

Just about everyone goes through problem periods with his or her skin, so it’s a good idea to keep a purifying mask on hand for just those occasions. Purifiers draw out oils and dirt while applying soothing medicinals like mint, antioxidant acai berry essence, and even activated charcoal to detox your dermal layer. (6)




More Tips for Face Masks

1. Layering for a lovelier look 
Get a better result from your facial with a layering technique touted by beauty experts like Joanna Czech. She recommends applying a purifying mask first, then a hydrating treatment and then a rejuvenating mask, all within a single session. (7)

2. Get steamed 
Giving your face a steam treatment prior to applying a mask opens up your pores, making the skin more receptive to oil absorption, hydration and deep cleansing. Hold your face above a steamer for a couple minutes, or apply a moist, hot washcloth to your face and neck. (8)




If you have sensitive skin, be sure to test a small patch for adverse reactions before applying a new mask product. Taking a few extra minutes prior to treatment may save you days of healing later. With the wealth of hypoallergenic facial products currently available, even those who are sensitive have excellent options.