You’ve just spent days researching the company, labouring over your cover letter and resume, so you shiver with excitement reading the title of the email that’s just arrived: “Re: Your Application…”. And then you see that it’s yet another rejection letter, one of many you’ve been receiving. At least it’s better than complete silence, right?

Yes, it can be very disheartening to be in the job market these days. The challenges seem to be insurmountable and of a Catch-22 situation: if you are a fresh graduate, then the company is looking for someone more experienced. If you are a seasoned professional in the field, then they’re looking to hire someone younger for a more junior role.

However, it becomes even more important that such hurdles do not chip away at your positivism, as this can be one of the most dangerous threats to a successful job search.

It is extremely vital that you remain aware of your outlook during an extended period of job hunting, particularly for the latter stages such as during a job interview or face-to-face meeting with your potential employers. Because when you’re down or feeling negative, it can really show during your interviews or when talking to prospective bosses.

Here are three quick tips you can try in your job search to maintain positivity and at the same time improve your chances of landing that new job!upcoming-jobs-2014

  1. Target a daily specific location If you’re looking for jobs in a country, say Malaysia, try adding one or two searches per day looking for states such as Perak or Sabah. Some posters only use the name of the city or state the office is located in. Likewise, if you’re only looking in one state, say Sarawak, try searching for a vacancy in Kuching or in Miri. This may open your search to new jobs you may have overlooked before.rejected
  2. Find out why you were rejected Go back to your emails and write back to the companies that rejected your application. Thank them personally for their time and ask how you could improve your future attempts. Chances are, they might have some advice for you, whether it is an improvement to your resume or a role missing in your previous job description. Don’t let your weaknesses demotivate you, use them to make your future applications stronger!hqdefault-3
  3. Take a break That’s right, give yourself a much-needed rest, especially if you have been doing nothing but searching for jobs and writing cover letters every day for the past few months! Use the time to treat and entertain yourself, if only for the change of pace. As your body and brain recharge, so will your motivation and positive energy levels. You will find that even a few days to regroup can result in sharper focus and determination when getting back to the job hunt.

Landing yourself a job or finding a new career can be a challenging task: but remember, it’s supposed to be that way. Just remember to pick yourself up every time you stumble.