There are literally thousands of details that go into running a profitable business. Employees have to be hired, trained, and nurtured. Policies have to be written and followed and then there is the responsibility of finding the right guarding services to keep the business and employees safe. There are some things to consider when looking for the best intrusion detection system to fulfil your needs to prevent theft of any kind from shoplifting to breaking and entering.


Security System Musts
One of the business owner’s jobs is to understand the threats they face and learning the best method to prevent a loss from theft. It starts with choosing a security system that will respond quickly and help protect your property. A top rated security company will do a thorough inspection of the premises and then make recommendations that will keep the property secure. This initial consultation is usually free and that makes getting several competing offers a simple thing to do. Then you can compare the relative costs and choose the products and services that make the most financial sense.

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Cameras Give a Clear Picture
Security cameras are going to be one of the first lines of defence to protect a business from loss. A well placed camera will not only deter theft, but also provide video proof of all events. This can be vital if a customer wants to claim negligence or place blame on a store owner. A tape of any incident can provide proof that a store is free of responsibility. Also security camera systems will provide a clear view of what employees are up to. The business owner will be able to use the video to deter employees from stealing but can also provide material to evaluate an employee’s ability to help the business. A business owner can’t possibly be in all places all the time so a camera gives them the chance to monitor all employee behaviour.

Motion Detectors are a Must
Another feature of intrusion detection services is a quality motion detection system. These need to be strategically located throughout the business and particularly in areas that are high risk for entry or have merchandise that is particularly expensive. The other half of the value is the response and monitoring of your security provider. How vigilant is the 24 hour response. If you get a motion detector goes off in the middle of the night is the response time immediate or does it take a lot of time? Often time motion detectors can be triggered by natural movement but a quick check of the video system will reveal if there is a problem or not. The response time of an intrusion detection service is vital to protect a property from theft and other damage.


Fire and Water Detection Ability
Another way that damage can occur to a business is from fire and water damage. Guarding services are going to provide protection from these two threats as well. If a pipe breaks and water is leaking out it might damage all of the merchandise, causing significant loss. The quicker an owner is aware of the problem, the quicker they can react and stop the leak. The same can be said for fire alarms. The difference between a minor issue and losing a whole business to fire is early detection. That again will depend on the company and their monitoring services and devices.

Peace of Mind for Business Owners
Finding a top notch security company should be one of the first things a business owner should do in order to make sure their financial investment is secure from all threats. Perform due diligence and check with current clients to see what type of positives and negatives they provide about the company. If a current client won’t give a positive reference then that company should be eliminated. Take this decision seriously and you will be able to avoid theft, employee problems, robberies, water damage and fire damage. Most importantly, there are many worries a business owner is going to face. A great security company will provide some peace of mind.

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