Many people find the cheapest website hosting they can find, or even get free hosting. This may suffice for a personal website or blog, but for a business, getting solid hosting is very important.

One way to get solid hosting, that is reliable is by having a dedicated server. This can be beneficial in a number of ways, and is almost certainly worth the cost. Dedicated servers are the only real way a serious business website should be hosted.

The first thing is speed. A site that enables a virtual private server is going to have more speed. Generally, when someone hosts their site on a cheap and shared server, the speed suffers. This is because they are sharing resources with other websites. This leaves the speed out of their control as other websites may hog resources. A faster loading website will make customers very satisfied. Not only that, but a dedicated server can take advantage of cloud hosting, and fix any speed bottlenecks.


Security should be a high priority for any business website, not only to make customers happy, but keeping them, and avoiding litigation. Or a public relations nightmare. A shared host is going to be more vulnerable. Other site owners could be foolish in their security, leaving the whole server vulnerable, including your site of course.

VPS hosting can be taken advantage of as well when using a dedicated server, keeping the customer happy. This will improve loading times for the site, and improve customer privacy.

It is very important for any business website to invest in a good hosting plan. It could be the difference between a slow loading site, that drives customers away. To a site that gives a great and secure experience. The extra cost will be negligible and almost will certainly pay for itself with more customers, and customers that return over and over. Read this web-hosting guide for choosing a tailor made web hosting plan.

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