Working down at the records department of a tertiary hospital means seeing lots and lots of paper and boxes full of more paper. The old boxes were getting older and we decided to look for corrugated board boxes to put the files into. These old boxes we had just couldn’t hold all the weight when we stack them together and this often leads to damages to the important files in them. For us who work here, that is not good as it means losing some important medical records of our clients. We clearly needed to re-evaluate the way we store our records.

Recently the hospital administrators released some funding to start improvements for several sections of the hospital. This included the records and information section. This was welcome news. As part of the committee, we realized how a tote box can help with the storage of documents. It was agreed by the majority that we had to look for corrugated board manufacturers that had good quality corrugated boxes suitable to our storage and transport needs for these records.

I asked for some opinions from a friend who was working down a local packaging company and he had recommended this really good manufacturer to me. As I checked on their website, they were employing some real good quality in making their boxes. It was also a big bonus to know that the materials they were using were also environmentally friendly. To someone like me who works in the hospital, environmentally friendly products are always given priority.

Upon checking some of the boxes they made, we at the records department were impressed that we had them ordered immediately. Nowadays, we no longer see badly damaged documents from storage. With these new corrugated boxes, I know that all our records here are in good hands.


Watch this video: BXMKR1 Corrugated Box Maker