Graduating is everyone’s dream but sometimes, it’s just the start of something harder. It doesn’t sink in immediately after finishing school. However, one painful truth in life is that job hunting is by far the most nerve wrecking, exhausting and tedious part of life. This is because it will not only test your patience and perseverance, but also, it will make you realize the hardships of landing a decent job nowadays.


When you’re looking for job in your city or province and you find it hard because of lack of company vacancies, you should consider checking out other places. For example, Malaysia has become one of the fast rising countries in Southeast Asia.

With its sudden surge in economic growth, it’s no wonder why it has a lot of job vacancies that could cater to many individuals.


Ipoh, the capital city of Perak, Malaysia, is one of the largest cities in the country. Located about 200 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur and 130 kilometers south of Penang, Ipoh is an ideal place to find good employment opportunities.


Why Ipoh Can Be an Attractive Place for Young Malaysian Job Seekers


Jobs in Ipoh vary among different industries. The city has two areas, the Old Town and the New Town. The Old Town has many commercial and historical areas that cater not only to locals but to tourists as well. Since this place is often visited by tourists from Malaysia and across the globe, tourism or hotel hospitality jobs are easy to find here.


The other area is the New Town which houses many shopping malls, hotels, shops and skyscrapers. This area is widely known as the city center where there are a lot of job opportunities awaiting potential job applicants.


  1. Travel Is Easy


Travelling to Ipoh is relatively easy. Before, the only means to reach the city was through land but now, it has an airport so people like job hunters and tourists can easily fly to Ipoh.


  1. Economic Growth


With the fast economic growth of the city, it has become one of the largest and most successful cities in Malaysia, next to Kuala Lumpur. This has driven a lot of job opportunities across various industries such as tourism, information technology, business, banking and finance, and health care.


  1. Center Of Tin Industry


Ipoh used to be one of the most valuable cities in the world because it was the world’s center of tin industry. Recently, it has slowly developed into a tourist destination with various notable attractions.


  1. Place Of Character


The place is unique among other cities in Asia. For one, it has various nicknames because of its unique characteristics. It was dubbed as the “Town Built on Tin” and the “City of Millionaires” because of its economic boom during the time when there are many tin-mining industries in the city. It’s also called the “Bougainvillea City” because of its flower symbol, and “The Hill City” because it’s actually surrounded by various hills.


  1. Many Tourist Destinations And Recreational Activities


One of the best things the city can offer to potential job hunters is the wide spectrum of recreational activities, dining places and tourists destinations. With many activities to do, employees may enjoy working and at the same time, living in the city. Furthermore, the affordable cost of living draws a lot of employees not only from Malaysia, but also from its neighboring countries.


The rich culture of Malaysia has influenced its food choices. For one, the exotic and unique Asian cuisines served in the city, are some of the things that attract job hunter to find work there.


  1. Climate


Working in Ipoh is easier for many employees because of its tropical rainforest climate. The temperatures do not change throughout the year, making it easier for them to adapt to the environment and climate. Aside from that, it also has a rainy season which is good for the city’s agricultural industry.


Sometimes, there are many factors that contribute to job hunters travelling to other places and cities to find work. In Malaysia, for one, Ipoh attracts various fresh graduates because of its rich culture, vast economic growth, tourism industry and various recreational activities.


If you are looking for a stable, decent and good job in Malaysia, you should try visiting Ipoh. Since most of job hunters go to larger and more developed cities in Malaysia, employment opportunities may become scarce there. In Ipoh, you can land a good-paying job even before others flock into it in the future.